Skyrim 2b follower close. chevron_right. Utilizing a new, talented voice actor and over 900 lines of dialogue, this mod turns Lydia in to what she always should have been: One of the main supporting characters in Skyrim. 0 Download: Manual 5 items. . esp 46 2e DiverseDragonsCollectionSE. not a face texture. YoRHa No. - (Genderbend Sifar) Fixed a wrong file pass of hands mesh. close. close. esp 102 66 PeopleAreStrangers. htmlCredits: ????? for the mod creation!This is only a review video!My mod site: http://skyrimgtx. 2) Start Skyrim, load game, dismiss all followers,type show playerfollowercount and if it shows 0, save game, Quit. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Date uploaded. . 3b. . com/photos/9940773. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Three Voice Resources by Kikiapplus that can be plugged into new or existing followers as a single master, ready to go out of the box. . -Xiao Yun- Custom Akaviri Follower: 2B Nier automata preset: 3 Elven presets for RaceMenu: 4 Dragon Age Followers: Adam Warlock Follower:. . I have the Oldrim version from Nexus, It is not available on SSE. Learn more. File name: TBD - Nier2BOutfit. . . esp SMARTS. com/Flickr: https://www. Image credit: HephaestusHD/YouTube. . 1 Serana Is The Best Follower In Skyrim. Skyrim Mod Spotlight 2B Follower from NieR Automata by Kasi. gadman85 • 7 yr. The Khajiit mage from the College of Winterhold is one of the most colorful characters in Skyrim. . NSFW Sexy/Skimpy Not Lore-Friendly Poses Hair. . chevron_right. Yea I kept asking him to fix his da ninja girl. .
Author:. Submitted: September 29. 9k. This mod is dedicated to my friend, Eden 'Solaria' Knight. 6. If you want the voice of the mod (IFD-Lydia), you should talk with the author for made a patch for INIGO. . This mods feature 2/4 of the chapters. close. com/skyrim/mods/83271/?Juego: The Elder Scroll (Skyrim)Síganos:http://g. . not a face texture. You'll need high poly head from vector plexus, the eyes of beauty, diamond skin, expressive facegen morphs. . Wanna say that I love this community so I decided to make a little gift for yall. . . . Available once you become Thane of Riften and buy Honeyside. . htmlNews: http://skyrimgtx. Log in to view your list of favourite games. esp Jahiya. . 13. Last of Us Ellie Williams Follower for Skyrim - LE In NPC Submitted: March 6, 2020 Updated: March 9, 2020. . . Discover ancient Snow Elf culture, explore uncharted ruins, and vanquish unique enemies with her lethal frost magic and icy blade skills. .

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