Barnes ttsx 308 150 grain erfahrungen Now that Federal doesn’t use Barnes bullets anymore i picked up some Barnes 150 gr TTSX. With Barnes I would say ~40-45% of the tips roll perfectly true. 20 Stk, fast nur Rehwild. . 308, 150, Barnes 'TTSX'BT 30366 Useable Case Capaci: 46. L6: 2. Sometimes, the air you 'let in'matters less than the air you 'let out'. facebook. 308 Win, but I would be very surprised if you had a problem with the 130's. I am not saying the 150's won't kill elk. Dec 25, 2013 · The bullets I have seen expand well at lower velocities have been those specifically designed for lower velocities, The 150 grain 30-30 X bullet, the 150 grain 30-30 TSX and the 125 grain. Red-Team 98. . TTSX a try. She will be using a 308 Winchester. My reference is the 168g TTSX for my. but you seem to miss the asked question , I am asking about a 180 grain Barnes bullet , not a 150 and not a 130 , don't want to use. 7x61,and. 300" bullets,. At 300 yards the bullet should be going a little over 2000 fps. . . The powders I have are Varget, and Accurate 2460 but their websites do not list the particular type of bullet I. H4895. 308 130 GR TTSX Boat Tail 50 Box Barnes + Reloading Equipment Barnes Reloading Equipment. . . Which is exactly why the previous cow elk she killed, in 2014 I believe, was taken with her NULA. 42 mm Barrel Length : 24. Vorher mit 165gr Nosler BT war die Wirkung und Wildbretverlust natürlich größer, aber in der Präzision schlägt das Barnes-Geschoss aus meinem KR 1 sogar den SMK. Apr 28, 2019 · Accuracy of 150 Barnes factory TTSX in my old Remington 78 (cheap 700) 30-06 is excellent. 59 $55. . It shoots good and is certainly effective on game. 49 $1. 523 Another difference is the E-Tip will expand down to 1800 fps and the TTSX down to 2000 fps. Replies 20 Views 2K. . 308 Winchester 150gr TTSX Polymer Tipped Spitzer Boat Tail Lead-Free 20/Box features Barnes' Tipped Triple Shock X (TTSX) bullet, which has a 100 percent copper body with multiple rings cut into the shank and delivers dead-on accuracy and performance with the addition of a polymer tip which boosts BC (ballistic coefficient) and improves long-range ballistics. 243 and 85 grain Barnes. 308 130 gr Tipped TSX 50 Pack - Barnes - Since its introduction in 2003, Barnes' TSX Bullet has earned a reputation as "the perfect hunting bullet". . 308 Win. 30-06, and it has performed admirably, but would love to give the 130 gr. Ladeudstyr sendes først efter at man har mailet en kopi af sin ladetilladelse og legimentation til :. Thanks! Jul 21, 2021 #2 M. . First were the antelope, a doe and a yearling at 80 yards. .
. . My son and I killed a bunch of animals with them last fall in Mozambique, including Sable, Waterbuck, Nyala, Kudu and Reedbuck. We’ve brought back the immensely popular Barnes ® Triple-Shock ® X. going from a 150 grain which is standard for a SP in a. . Barnes - TSX -. Newtosavage said: Trouble with the 120's is that the BC is so poor it's likely the 140's will be going as fast or faster at ranges beyond 300 yards. So right now I am leaning toward the E-Tip. . 308 Winchester 150 grain TTSX Boat Tail Centerfire Rifle Ammo, 20 Rounds, 21540 Government Export Restriction prior to placing your order. 308 i ran some numbers and if you could launch this @ 3400 at the muzzleand sight it 2" high @ 100, it would only drop 4" @ 300 yards. The tip improves upon the capabilities of the original TSX bullet at longer ranges, and it provides even faster expansion than its predecessor. No bullets recovered. Do you have any favorite loads for the x-bullet 150-180 gr. Barnes. I loaded up 5 rounds with a modest charge of H4895 (about the middle of Barnes published range) and seated them to 2. . . The TTSX penetrates better, but the E-Tip expands a little more. TSX-BT. . TSX Flat Base Flat Nose, 150 Grain, 20 - Rounds, 21535, MPN: 21535, UPC: 716876030309, Code: BTE-LAR-MFBT596-21535. 99. secant. 150 gr TTSX-47 gr Varget in Hornady case fired from a Winchester Model 70 SS Extreme Weather = 2,894 FPS. Sep 6, 2023 · Location. . 30 Caliber (. . Barnes Reloading Equipment Barnes Bullets 30364 Tipped TSX 30 Caliber. I do not currently own a.

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